Fat Burger Friday is here to stay!

Each and every Friday we will be doing a new variation on our Burger.  We already offer the Bruno Burger everyday with your choice of, beer, turkey, or chicken cooked to order with sauteed mushrooms, onions and provolone cheese with lettuce and tomato on an egg bun.

On Friday’s we will be offering a specialty burger with flavors and toppings built to compliment each other.

We are currently offering our choice beef burger topped with and onion ring, pine street’s local bacon, our own pickled jalapenos and our own house made cheese whiz.  This, “Fat Burger,” comes with your choice of side.

Stay here on the, “Happenings,” page to see what we offer each and every Friday.  Eating our Chef’s custom delicious burger is a great way to get your weekend started.

Fat Burger Friday!