Listen up Atlanta, Ormsby’s is on the radio.

Tomorrow afternoon Michael Goot the General Manger and proprietor or Ormsby’s will be speaking on the Vortex Radio.  The conversation will be about the service industry and restaurant life here in Atlanta.

At 3:00 PM it will be recorded on the Vortex radio.  Yes the Vortex restaurant of Atlanta has it’s own radio show.  Here is some information about the show below.  

Atlanta-based “Vortex Radio” features some of the most authentic discussions about bar culture, food, nightlife and entertainment that you’re likely to find anywhere. Guests include entrepreneurs, chefs, business owners, local celebrities, and working servers and bartenders, all offering their own unique perspective on the hospitality industry. And every now and then, we’ll feature a totally random guest just to mix it up. Of course, no matter who is being interviewed, guests are highly encourage to enjoy a cocktail or two while recording, so you never know what topics may come up.

Here is a link to where you can listen to the show.

Listen to Goot on Vortex Radio.

It should be a informational, and worth a bunch of laughs